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Renovation Calgary Contractor |  Unlocking Hidden Potential: Transforming Your Basement 


Renovation Calgary contractor | Embark on a thrilling journey of unlocking the hidden potential beneath your home’s foundation. Your basement is more than just a storage area—it’s a canvas waiting to be transformed into a functional oasis. In this guide, we’ll explore the diverse range of possibilities with Urban City Builders turning your Calgary basement development into a space that suits your lifestyle while adding our unique touch.

Types of Spaces: Unleashing Creativity Below Ground:

At Urban City Builders, we believe in thinking beyond the conventional. Whether you envision a standard basement, a luxurious suite, a personalized man cave, or a versatile living area, we’re here to bring your Calgary renovations ideas to life. Each space is a blank canvas, and our team is dedicated to crafting a design that reflects your personality and meets your specific needs.

Creativity Unleashed: From Living Rooms to Full Wet Bars:

The possibilities are boundless when it comes to the spaces we’ve created. Picture a cozy living room where family and friends gather for movie nights or a bedroom retreat that combines comfort with elegance. Our expertise extends to crafting full wet bars for entertaining, transforming your Calgary basement development into a sophisticated area that seamlessly blends style and functionality.

Elevating Basement Development with Interior Design

In our quest to provide unparalleled expertise and guidance in basement development, we are excited to introduce Melinda, the esteemed owner of “Premise Design Inc,” a leading interior design company based right here in Calgary. Melinda’s extensive experience and a keen eye for design have made her a trusted authority in the industry. We had the privilege of connecting with Melinda to glean insights that will elevate our blog on basement development. Below, we delve into our conversation with Melinda, where she shares invaluable wisdom and expertise.

Our Questions to Melinda:

Question 1.

Often basements are one of the dimmest areas of the home, how might you approach making a basement look open and inviting? Are there certain techniques you use?

Melinda’s Response:

“The obvious first steps are adding in layers of lighting. LED Potlights will provide a good overall amount of general, ambient lighting levels and I typically will increase the number of them in the basement to account for the reduced lighting levels, plus put them on dimmers for better functionality. Cove lighting can also be used for ambient lighting and can really amplify the style and visual impact of design features. If there is enough ceiling height and it makes sense for the space, semi-flush or flush mount decorative lights can act as a feature, as well as giving more light output and flexibility. Table and floor lamps are the last layer of lighting that I will use to provide more focused task lighting where required.

There are other tricks that can be used besides lighting, like adding texture, pattern, and warmth of colours to the finishes. A basement is already cooler than the rest of the house and if the space ends up designed too plainly, stark, and cold-feeling, like predominantly coloured in icy blues or cool whites/greys, it will not be an inviting space.
The last trick is to avoid long, narrow hallways or less visible access to rooms because that can add to the closed in feeling basements can have. Keeping the space more open and widening hallways will greatly help.

The key is to really plan out the use of each area in the basement so you can achieve the right effect and make your basement a place you actually want to go down into.”

Question 2.

What would your trademark design style be and how would you describe that?

Melinda’s Response:

“Timeless modernity. Most of my projects combine classic and timeless design principles with a modern reinterpretation. Details are simplified and refined, and I aim to use more natural materials as much as possible.”

Question 3. 

Would you be open to telling us a little bit about what Premise Design has on its horizons?

Melinda’s Response:

“After 26 years as an interior designer and being a lifelong construction nerd, I have seen the consequences of poor construction, limited lifespan of certain materials/finishes, and how the end result would look amazing but the space would not actually feel comfortable, would be expensive to heat and cool and maintain, and cost more in the long run. I came to the conclusion that I can provide my clients with a better built renovation that will be designed beautifully and also be energy efficient, durable, comfortable, quiet, and healthy.

I am trained in the Passive House Standard, which produces extremely energy efficient buildings that are quiet, comfortable, and will last way longer than the majority of buildings. I pair that knowledge with the WELL standard, which focuses on creating healthy spaces for people. Applying these principles to home renovations gives clients the best of both worlds.”

Melinda’s expertise and insights into basement development offer valuable guidance for homeowners embarking on such projects. We extend our gratitude to Melinda for sharing her knowledge and enhancing our understanding of interior design in basement developments.

Extended Family Stays: Crafting Spaces for Comfort and Privacy:

As a professional renovation Calgary contractor, we have a lot of experience with the concept of extended family stays in mind, we specialize in creating spaces that prioritize comfort and privacy. Imagine a beautifully designed suite with a connecting door from the bedroom to the bath, ensuring convenience and a touch of luxury. We even incorporate a second cold air supply to the bedroom, ensuring a climate that keeps your guests feeling cozy and welcomed during their stay.

Tailored Storage Solutions: Elevating Organization in Style:

Organization is key to maximizing the potential of your basement space. Urban City Builders excels in designing customized storage solutions, from chic shelving units to built-in cabinets. Our goal is to keep your space organized while adding an aesthetic flair that complements the overall design of your transformed Calgary basement renovations.

Brightening the Underworld: Clever Lighting Ideas for Basement Spaces

We’re thrilled to bring you insights from a local expert in home staging and design, Tricia from Calgary’s Home Staging & Design Centre. Tricia’s expertise shines through as she shares her approach to staging basement areas, shedding light on how clever lighting can transform these spaces into vibrant living areas that enhance a home’s overall appeal. Here are her words:

“When it comes to basements, the adage “out of sight, out of mind” often holds true due to their perennial issue with darkness. But as stagers we understand a well-lit basement can transform from a dingy basement area into a vibrant living space, increasing a home’s appeal. With the right lighting techniques, we are able to brighten and open up any subterranean room, making it just as inviting as the rest of the home.”

The Challenges with Basement Lighting

“Natural light is scarce in basement spaces, with limited or small windows being the root of the problem. This architectural challenge pushes us to rethink how we illuminate these areas to avoid the feeling of confinement. By thoughtfully employing task lighting and ambient lighting, we create an alluring and functional environment that prospective buyers will fall in love with.”

Task Lighting for Functionality

“Task lighting is crucial in a basement setting. It’s all about providing enough light for specific activities without overwhelming the space.”

“When suggesting to the homeowner to add task lighting, we like to be strategic. We think about how the basement will be used – is it for work, play, or crafting? Find the areas that need bright lighting and add fixtures there. Make sure no dark corners are left; every surface should be well-lit for functionality.”

Ambient Lighting for Atmosphere

“Ambient lighting is about setting the mood with a soft, diffused glow that envelopes the room. Without natural sunlight, a basement can appear closed-off and unwelcoming; ambient lighting solutions are the antidote.”

“We choose light bulb colors to simulate the warmth that sunlight typically provides on upper floors. Soft white LED bulbs can mimic daylight and inject a sense of openness that traditional yellow-tinted lights lack. When placed correctly, wall sconces, recessed ceiling lights, and even smart lighting systems with adjustable brightness can create the illusion of a larger, more open space.”

“Mirrors can also play a role in amplifying light within a basement. Position mirrors strategically to reflect both task and ambient lighting, effectively doubling the light in the room. Consider a large mirror opposite a light source, or a collection of smaller mirrors along a wall to catch and scatter light throughout the space.”

Be Creative with Light Layering

“We often use a lighting layering technique to add depth and dimension to a space. In basements, this can mean combining different light sources at varying heights and intensities. Use a mix of floor lamps, table lamps, and overhead fixtures to create an interplay of light that gives the space a dynamic feel.”

“Light layering also offers the flexibility to adjust the room’s ambiance depending on the time of day or the mood you want to set. Having multiple light sources with dimmers allows you to tone down the brightness for a cozy movie night or ramp it up when hosting a gathering.”

A New Way

“A basement need not be the home’s gloomy underbelly. With smart application of task and ambient lighting, these spaces can exude warmth, elegance, and purpose. It’s time to shed some light on the untapped potential of basements and transform them into some of the most inviting areas of a home. Through deliberate design and thoughtful lighting choices, basements can become bright and lively components of a property that attract and inspire.”


Your basement is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered and transformed into a functional oasis that reflects your lifestyle. Urban City Builders in Calgary is not just about construction; it’s about crafting unique and personalized spaces beneath your home’s foundation. From traditional basement development Calgary to luxurious suites, trendy man caves, and everything in between, we’re here to add our creative touch to each Calgary renovations project. 

Contact Urban City Builders today, and let’s unlock the hidden potential together, turning your basement into a space that goes beyond expectations, blending comfort, style, and innovation.

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