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Develop Basement Calgary | How Much Does a Calgary Basement Development Cost?

Develop Basement Calgary | For those seeking to enjoy the finer things in life such as spending time with family and friends, romantic getaways on the beach and so forth, a specialized home renovation means improving one’s quality of life. Developing your own highly customized basement renovation in Calgary with all of the bells and whistles you have always dreamed of takes a good deal of time and preparation. 

The average cost of a basement development in Calgary can vary considerably. Depending on a person’s budget, the sky’s the limit when considering the addition of highly customized features. The majority of us are usually looking for something a little more cost effective and practical that speaks to a higher quality of workmanship and functionality for our lives. 

Urban City Builders offers a wide array of possibilities in a Calgary basement development which, on average, can cost the customer between $33,000-$40,000 to complete. Cost can always go upwards from there, but you can expect a brand new, beautiful and fully functional 600 square foot, 4-piece basement for as little as $33,000.

Most customers enjoy the flexibility of adding upgrades to their basement development in Calgary. From wet bars, open concept gyms areas, beautiful gas fireplaces, projection screens and fun areas for the kids, the options are limitless. Knowing that this can be incorporated in their basement development makes the whole process easy. Urban City Builders like their customers to know that any additions to the base package that they offer are more cost effective during the initial build. Upgrading features after the basement has already been finished, can pose additional costs. Not to mention the hassle of a basement under construction.

All additional pricing specifications can be viewed on the Urban City Builders webpage: https://urbancitybuilders.com/renovations-calgary/


The first step in Calgary basement renovations is the initial walk through with the client. Once Urban City has a clear understanding of the customer’s vision the client will then sign off on the building plans that will ultimately end up being submitted to the City of Calgary.

Any changes after the building plans have been submitted to the City can delay the process of being approved. So make sure you know what you want, and double check with Urban City to make sure that it is on the building plans before they are submitted. 

Urban City Builders has a great working relationship with the City of Calgary which leads to a rather seamless process of having the building proposals being approved. Which is another added benefit of working with a well established, accredited and professional company in Calgary. Urban City likes to note that they have never failed a final inspection with the City of Calgary.


Urban City works with a large group of vetted and highly skilled local trades to make your brand new basement development come together with ease. Trades such as framing, HVAC, plumbers, electricians, drywall, flooring, tiling, finishing carpenters, and painters. 

If specialty add-ons are required such as a bar or built-in feature, a reputable cabinetry company may be included in this list. Additions such as fireplaces and wall features may also require their own specialty tradespeople to be a part of your Calgary basement development.

When Urban City Builders requires a reliable flooring company to help complete a basement development. Urban City chooses to rely on the expertise of Richard from Kings Flooring Solutions in Calgary. 

We made contact with Richard to find out more about his role to play in the basement development process. The importance of having a company like Urban City Builders involved in that process, and how the two companies come together for a high quality end result. Richard had this to say:

“It’s always important to have a basement development company. That is what Urban City specializes in. Which is also an important part of my job. The problem is that there are a lot of people on the market that want to do it themselves, but you need a basement development company involved. Which is important in order to materialize. 

There are a lot of do-it-yourself people out there but when it comes to basement development, there ends up being a lot of missing parts. It is important to have the person who has got the knowledge, framing and all the additional parts that go into a basement development.” 

“We are a professional supply and install operation, I try to direct Urban City’s clients to the proper products. In a lot of cases, their clients may not necessarily come into the store. Urban City has samples of our product that they will take to the job site, the customers pick from carpet or vinyl plank. Invariably the vinyl plank is an upgrade to the customer.

I have been doing this business for a longtime and times have changed in the flooring end of it. People really don’t like putting carpet down in their basements anymore. We do a lot of vinyl plank now, its water resistant, its kid proof, and pet proof. 

In a lot of cases these houses don’t have in-floor heating, so if they want more of a warmth factor I recommend putting down a cork underlayment and clicking the floor on top of it.”

It is crucial to have a trustworthy company operating in your home who knows the construction process well. With so many moving parts during a major renovation, it is important that you have a professional level of oversight, time management and dependability on your side. 


Those with families will find a fully developed basement a far more attractive purchase.  Real estate re-sale will benefit from your choice to renovate your basement.  

To further support this claim, we summoned the help of Blake at The Ball Brothers – Real Estate Professionals Inc. in Calgary to ask: How might having a fully developed basement affect the sale price of a home that has $33,000 invested into it? Blake related:

“As far as the sale price goes, it is almost comparative and that all depends on what the price of the home is. So if you were to do a $33,000 renovation in a home that was around the lower price range in Calgary for example, $350,000. You would probably lose money on that. 

If you were to do a $33,000 renovation on the higher end, you would probably gain a little bit of money. The main factor would be saleability, in a buyers market the saleability is huge. So those that have invested that money into a finished basement will already put themselves ahead of the other listings that do not have a finished basement. That will make the difference probably on getting that premium dollar, as opposed to another one that doesn’t have a finished basement, that may end up getting overlooked if there are other options.”

We also asked Blake if the home with a fully developed basement is more attractive to those with families and, if it is more likely to sell to a family as a result of coming with the developed basement. 

“Yes absolutely, especially since people are really valuing space right now. Since they need things like an office. A lot of people are working remotely or they may do three days at work and then three days at home. So they need that extra space and whether they use that extra space in the bonus room that used to be the kids area for an office. That means now they are going to have to find a new area, which usually tends to be in the basement.

A basement space that is finished is very valuable for that purpose.”

There we have it, renovating your home’s basement can be a monumental endeavour. With the right expertise available to help with the entire process your Calgary basement development can be a tremendous success. Value can be added to an existing home that is in the higher price range and you will likely end up with extra money in your pocket from selling. One thing is for certain, with experts like Urban City Builders managing your basement development you are leaving your project in the very best hands the industry has to offer.

At Urban City Builders the possibilities are endless. We look forward to hearing from you on your Calgary Basement Development project’s. Feel free to reach out to us and we would be happy to give you an estimate on your space. 

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