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Renovation Calgary | What Makes A Contractor Stand Out?

Renovation Calgary | In the realm of basement development Calgary and construction projects, finding a contractor that truly stands out is essential. Urban City Builders, a renowned company based in Calgary, has gained a reputation for excellence in the Calgary basement development industry. To shed light on what sets them apart, we spoke with Justin the owner and explored his perspective on the qualities that make outstanding contractors. In this blog, we will delve into Justin’s valuable insights to help homeowners identify exceptional contractors for their Calgary renovations.

Experience and Skilled Contractors

Urban City Builders recognizes the vital role skilled contractors play in running a successful company. They understand that projects often undergo changes, including alterations in scope, homeowner preferences, and needs. With their highly skilled contractors, Urban City Builders excels in guiding homeowners through these changes. Their contractors possess the ability to offer the best solutions, advice, and ideas, ensuring that every renovation Calgary project comes together seamlessly. This level of expertise and adaptability prevents mistakes, instills trust, and guarantees customer satisfaction.

Listening & Connection, a Vital Component In Building Trust

Urban City Builders understands the significance of listening to homeowners’ inquiries during the Calgary basement renovations estimation process. While homeowners often receive multiple quotes, Urban City Builders stands out by prioritizing active listening. Rather than simply dictating the project requirements, they take the time to understand the homeowner’s wants and needs. This personalized approach, driven by genuine connection, helps foster a strong contractor-client relationship. Homeowners, like the owner of Urban City Builders, value the trust, referrals, and reliability that arise from such meaningful connections.

Communication as a Key Factor

Communication stands as a linchpin in the contractor-client relationship, and Urban City Builders recognizes its utmost importance. Providing homeowners with a direct line of communication ensures peace of mind throughout the entire renovations in Calgary project. By delivering regular updates, Urban City Builders keeps homeowners informed about the progress and the presence of their team. This strong communication engenders trust and demonstrates that the company is always available to address any concerns promptly. Honesty is another crucial element, as unexpected challenges can arise. Urban City Builders maintains transparency, keeping homeowners fully informed of any unforeseen issues that may occur.

Outside Input: Expertise and Feedback

In our pursuit of acquiring further insights on what sets exceptional contractors apart, we reached out to Jim, the proprietor of Conquest Outback Productions in Calgary. With his extensive expertise in working with contractors across various domains of the construction trade, including basement development, Jim was the perfect person to tap into.

Inquiring about the key factors that distinguish a truly outstanding contractor, we posed the following question to Jim:

“In your considerable experience with contractors, what, in your opinion, makes a contractor truly stand out?”

Jim Exclaimed:

“Willingness to communicate, and availability. Those two things are absolutely critical, when you hire a contractor. You need someone who can communicate frequently and often, and is always available to take your phone call or at the very least get back to a text or a phone call within an hour, at all times of day.” 

“These projects cost so much money in many cases, that not having contact with the person in charge or the owner of the company can leave many customers frustrated. When contact is frequent and it’s made often, the communication naturally follows. It’s very important to have a good relationship with the contractor that you hire.”

Ongoing Collaborations

Throughout its journey, Urban City has engaged with numerous local talents within Calgary. Among these individuals is John, a skilled professional from Tile For You. Over time, John has expressed that working with Urban City is a remarkably smooth experience, mainly attributed to the company’s hands-on communication and clear-cut directions.

In our conversation with John, we inquired:

“In your experience collaborating with Urban City Builders, what do you believe to be the company’s greatest strength?”

John responded:

“The quality is always really good with them compared to the other builders I work with, Justin at Urban City is concerned with quality mostly. Justin is also very respectful in dealing with clients, they clean up after themselves, and Justin make’s a point to take care of his clients really well.”

“Urban City is very good at communication. Everything is clear, it’s not just, “hey do it” we go step by step and Justin is very clear on how he wants things done. I never get trouble with Urban City. I like Justin and Shaun, they are both really really good at what they do.”

Organization and Attention to Detail

For Urban City Builders, organization and attention to detail are key indicators of a highly skilled and detail-oriented contractor. Their focus primarily lies in Calgary basement development projects, where they have devised a comprehensive builder package that meets most homeowners needs. By providing a builder package with selections and styles, the Urban City team streamlines the decision-making process for  many homeowners. This level of organization ensures efficient and smooth project execution, minimizing disruptions and delays.

Proactive Problem-Solving

Outstanding contractors approach unexpected challenges in Calgary renovations with a proactive mindset. Urban City Builders, drawing from their extensive experience, anticipates potential problems and addresses them promptly. By staying one step ahead, they can effectively handle unforeseen issues and mitigate any potential negative impact on  Calgary basement renovations. Their proactive problem-solving abilities contribute to successful outcomes and satisfied homeowners.

Tips for Homeowners

Urban City Builders offers some valuable advice for homeowners seeking outstanding contractors for their Calgary basement development projects. Thorough research is essential, as homeowners should carefully scrutinize contractors before making a decision. Checking references and contacting previous clients can provide insight into the contractor’s qualifications and reliability. If a contractor hesitates to provide references or answer questions, it may indicate a lack of qualifications or professionalism.

The Exceptional Contractor: Knowing Proper Procedures

Finally, what separates a Calgary basement renovation contractor from an exceptional one, according to Urban City Builders, is the knowledge of proper procedures and genuine expertise. The Urban City team believes that exceptional craftsmanship speaks for itself, and the company’s satisfied clients refer them to many others. Being in the Calgary basement development industry for a long time has allowed the company to source the best trades and develop a reputation for superior craftsmanship and customer service.


Urban City Builders stands as a beacon of excellence in the world of Calgary basement development. With skilled contractors, open communication, and a focus on client satisfaction, they are truly building dreams, one basement at a time. For homeowners seeking outstanding contractors, Urban City Builders sets the standard for quality and reliability. Trust them with your basement development project, and watch your dreams come to life.

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